Olivia Burton Watch

I have had my eye on an Olivia Burton watch for months now but not got around to parting with the pennies for one, however last week I did and I LOVE IT.

I was after the one Suzie from HelloOctober has which she has listed as the midi dial in gold and black. However when I went to John Lewis the midi dial one had a lot smaller face than the one that Suzie wears in videos and photos. I can only assume hers is in fact the big dial (or John Lewis have their signs mixed up). This left me confused as to which I wanted….. I decided to stick to the midi as I already have an over sized style watch from Michael Kors and I fancied a change.

It was £65 from John Lewis and I think it was defiantly worth it, its comfortable to wear and looks great with all accessories. I highly recommend having a browse on the Olivia Burton website. This could be the start of a dangerous watch addiction.


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