My Top Tips For Organisation

KGJ_8562I love lists, organisation and tidiness. This is a topic I could talk about for hours, but I will do my best to be concise. I know a lot of people that struggle to keep things organised and it can result in a load of extra stress (and no one needs that). So I thought I would share my top tips to keeping organised.

1) Lists. Probably the most important in my eyes is making lists. You can do this however suits you best. I have a dairy where I write what I am doing each day so I never double book things and I can see when my free days are to really get on top of everything. I also write a daily to-do list on the notes app on my phone and I tick tasks off as I do them. There are also great apps you can get, one of my favs being ‘Todoist’.

2) Do it Now. It seems simple but get things done! There is nothing worse than leaving everything to the last minute and then having to rush through everything because not only is it stressful but chances are you won’t be doing everything to the best of your ability.

3) Tidy room, tidy mind. Mess can be so distracting, whether its your bedroom or your office make sure where you’re working in tidy. My best tip for this is to put things away after using them no matter if it’s clothing, make up, books, the lot; when you’re done put it in its rightful place (and not sprawled across your bedroom floor).

4) Clear out. Make time to have a clear out, throw out stuff you don’t use/ wear/ need anymore so you feel less cluttered. Be strict with yourself, I love a good desk clear out but when it comes to parting with clothes I struggle to say goodbye. So I have found the best thing to do is to be honest about when you last wore/ used it and if it was 6 months ago or more it may be time to let go and make space for something new. Plus it can turn into a a good deed, as donating things that are in good condition to charity could help a lot of people.

5) You have time. Something my mum has being saying for years and although I hate to admit it she’s right, there are a lot of hours in a day. Divide your day up into morning afternoon and evening with a couple of tasks to do in each and breaks in-between . So go set an alarm clock and get cracking, and just remember the more you get done the better you’ll feel.


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