Aesop Mask

I recently finished both, my Origins Clear Improvement and my Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair mask at the same time (I hate it when that happens). However this gave me the perfect excuse to buy a new face mask I’ve had my eyes on for months. The Aesop Parsley Seed Facial Cleansing Mask, this is a mask I’ve heard spoken about on blog after blog so I thought it was only fair I should give it a test too.

I bought it a couple of weeks ago so can only give my first impressions which is that it broke me out! Disappointment or what! However there is no need to fret if you’re reading this for reassurance after you made a late night cult beauty order (we’ve all been there) and here’s why… After using the mask I did notice I broke out and I have to say it was due to this product as that’s the only thing that changed in my routine before the breakout. Although after a couple of days when the spots had cleared up my skin was looking better than ever. Also as a cleansing mask it is likely that the spots were caused by the impurities being drawn out, hence being left with a clear completion after a couple of days, I’m just undecided whether it’s worth the extra concealer whilst you wait the pesky pimples out. I could be the exception however as I’ve read lots of bloggers saying it’s a great quick fix for when you have neglected your skin care routine, which is always handy. On a separate note the product is great for an easy application and takes no fuss to get off unlike the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask that I only use when followed by a shower because of how dark it is.

Personally I’m disappointed that my skin didn’t get to the ‘glowy’ stage without the breakout but it’s definitely a mask I’m going to keep testing out and I’ll report back if my opinion changes.


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