Crossed Off My Bucket List

IMG_0768IMG_0781On Friday I had one of the best days ever! Me and the girls I’m staying in Bali with decided to go down south to a place called Kuta for the weekend and on the way down we visited an Elephant park. We had all wanted to find a place that we knew treated the elephants correctly and put their well being before entertainment as much as possible.

So after much research we chose Bali Elephant Safari Park in Ubud. You could tell straight away that it was a well run organisation and one that cared about its animals and this made us, as well as a few documented celebrities, keen visitors to the park.

At the park there were two main choices, the first was to pay to just see and have pictures with the elephants as well as watch a show and the second was the same as above along with a 20 minute elephant ride. We all opted for the ride as well and it was only around £45 in total which seemed like a good price. We had an hour and a half to see all the elephants, take pictures with them, ask questions to the trainers and then there was a show on every hour. In the show a few of the elephants showed off their talents like painting pictures, doing maths equations and playing football.

IMG_0754IMG_0757IMG_0745We then had our ride where in twos you sat on the elephant with a trainer on the front and rode around the park. What was nice to see was there was no hitting the elephants to make them do as required, instead it was all verbal instructions. There was also a restaurant and a lovely gift shop perfect for buying souvenirs (so obviously I bought a ‘few’ things). It really was an amazing day and I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Bali, I feel like I might say that about everything I do here but ah well at least I hope I can give you a few ideas to add to your itinerary.


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