Elephant Experience

DSCN1493I have been working with elephants in Thailand for the past month and it has been incredible. I sleep on the floor and wear the same clothes for 4 days straight, but I don’t care, and why would I? I literally live with elephants.

I spend my days washing the elephants down at the river, which they really enjoy and it’s amazing to watch them all splash about and dive under the water (which I didn’t expect such large animals to do). I also help the community with work like weeding and cutting down food for the elephants which isn’t quite as thrilling but it’s rewarding to see all my hard work.

I’m doing this project in a village called Tha Thum about an hours drive from Surin. There is no shops, no air con, and most of all no wifi! But I love it, it’s nice to have a break from it all and not find myself taking my phone everywhere. It’s 4 days a week where I’m totally disconnected from everyone and it feels great.



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