Koh Samet

DSCN1721DSCN1714With bright white sand between my toes, crystal clear water in front of my eyes and an ice-cold cocktail in my hand I decided to write about Koh Samet. Much like the Gili Islands, Koh Samet is exactly what you imagine when you think of the perfect beach destination, it’s an island just off Thailand that takes around 20 minutes to reach via speed boat.

The island is pretty quiet this time of year because it’s their wet season, but for us English girls it’s plenty hot enough! We’ve spent our days lying on the white sand and swimming in the blue water and it’s been amazing. There are your usual restaurants down the sea front that serve a mixture of Thai and western food for a reasonable price, it is more expensive than mainland Thailand I’ve found but nothing extortionate.

DSCN1708DSCN1800DSCN1821Every night there has been a fire show which is amazing. Slightly scary how young some of the boys are that juggle fire but I trust they know what they’re doing and it’s very impressive to watch.

I also did jet skiing. There are stalls down the beach that advertise different water sports and day trips, my friends went on snorkelling day where they visited 4 different islands and went snorkelling around them but unfortunately I was ill so couldn’t go. However I made up for it by going jet skiing the following day, it was quite pricey, 1,500 baht for half and hour which is £30 but it was worth it. It was such good fun and it’s something I’ve always wanted to do.


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