Lets Talk Brushes

When it comes to make up brushes I’m pretty loyal, however recently there have been a few new additions to work into my collection.

To start with let’s talk about my original favourites. Probably the most obvious of the lot… The Real Techniques Buffing Brush. I have used this for years now and love it like everyone else. I tend to put my foundation on with my hands but then I use either the Real Techniques Buffing Brush or the Sephora Mineral Powder Brush (45) to blend. I also combine these two brushes to add my powder of choice over the top.

My other daily favourites include The Real Techniques Contour and The Blush Brush. However I tend to use these in reverse, using the bigger blush brush for bronzer, as I normally aim for an all over bronzed look so the bigger brush works well to distribute my bronzer evenly across my face without leaving any weird streaks. I then use the smaller contour brush (from the core collection) to apply a flush of pink to the apples of my cheeks to add a bit of much-needed colour to my yellow toned face. Perhaps in the future I’ll switch it up and use the brushes as they were designed to be used, but for now my backwards way of doing things is working well so I’m happy.

DSCN2842DSCN2863Now on to the new additions. A product that everyone is raving about at the moment is the beauty blender/ foundation sponge. I to was drawn in by the hype and so have tested out a few different brands. BornPretty are an online brand I hadn’t heard of until some products landed in my mail box and I gave them a try. The Beauty Sponges* work really well, they have the pointed end perfect for fine detail and the more rounded end that is great for smoothing out your foundation making it blend perfectly with your skin to give a natural finish, and let’s face it who doesn’t strive for that hmm? However the main thing that impressed me about these particular beauty sponges was the price tag, for a pack of 3 it’s only £3.66! Compared to Selfridges where for just one Beauty Blender it’s £16! I could be mistaken but I find both sponges do the exact same job. Oh and in case that price isn’t low enough if you head over to BornPrettyStore.com and use the discount code they gave me you can get a further 10% off (but more about that later).

Now let’s talk cleaning. You’d expect a clean freak like me to enjoy cleaning make up brushes, but you would be wrong. I hate it and I’ll leave it as long as I can before I drag myself and my mug of brushes to the sink. However recently… a new little tool, I was very kindly sent, has made it a lot less boring. A Brush Egg*, strange name I know, it’s a rubber sleeve you place over your fingers and use to get all the left over make up that sits in your brushes out. Not only does this product make it easier to clean your brushes it also means you are really getting the dirt all the way from the root of the bristle, which my normal technique of using my palm doesn’t quite do. This isn’t a product I have seen or heard much about before but it’s definitely worth a try, if like me, you hate the dreaded Sunday chore of cleaning your brushes, or you simply want to make sure you are getting them as clean as possible. As I mentioned above I have a discount code for the BornPretty Store. Not only can you get a discount on the things I have mentioned but also on their full range of products which includes everything from brush sets to nail varnish. Use the discount code AGJH10 and get yourself 10% off any purchases. The company is based in Hong Kong and offers free worldwide shipping within 24 hours, I hope this helps.

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