My Fragrance Addiction

I feel like it’s time I came clean about something… I’m addicted to Jo Malone. I simply cannot walk past the shop without going and having a spray of the perfume and a sniff of the candles, it’s a problem and I admit I need help. I love all their products and they don’t half know how to draw you in with their simple but elegant packaging. For me Jo Malone is one of those brands that screams elegance and luxury and personally I think they make the perfect gift if you’re feeling fancy.

As I have already confessed I am a tiny bit obsessed and so my collection of products is growing and maybe I’ll write a post about all my favourites from their range at some point, but for today I want to talk about the perfume that set it all off for me. Peony Blush Suede was the first perfume from them I owned and it is definitely still up there with my favourites. I got it around Christmas time so I might be biased but for me it’s the perfect autumnal fragrance and never fails to get me in that wintry mood. I’m terrible at describing scents so I’ll just use the words of the experts at Jo Malone…

A crisp top note that captures the mouth watering juiciness of apple. An exquisite floral with delicate rose and honey accents and a subtle, green freshness. Combined with a supple textural note, complementing the floral opulence of peony and bringing enticing sensuality to the fragrance.

If that description isn’t enough to make you want to run out and give it a sniff I don’t know what will. Next on my list Velvet Rose and Oud I think mmmm.


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