November Favourites

Oliver Bonas is a shop I could spend too many hours and far to much money in. I’ve had my eye on one of their makeup bags for a while, and now that I live very close to the shop it seemed rude not to. I bought the larger size of the initialed wash bag and I’ve been using it to store all my most used/daily makeup. It’s a lovely grey colour with a minty blue zip. I think this collection from Oliver Bonas that contains wash bags and card holders all in the same design would make great Christmas presents and they aren’t too expensive either.

Secondly, I struggle to find mascaras that do much to my short straight lashes, well I used to struggle that is until I started using Benefits Roller Lash mascara. I’ve heard so many bloggers and YouTubers mention this product and so as always I was persuaded to try it. It adds both the curl and the length which my stubborn lashes desperately seek, and together with my Shu Urnura eyelash curlers it makes the perfect duo. This is by far the best mascara I’ve tried (and I’ve tried A LOT)! I’ve not yet finished my current tube of the stuff, but I’m already eyeing up my next for the day I do.

Hoola Bronzer has been around for years and is something I have thought about picking up on many occasions but it wasn’t until I borrowed my friends that I committed to the purchase. I’m not a massive fan of contouring, I tend to just add an all over bronzed effect to my base but things have changed since I bought this. I find with the real techniques contour brush, that I mentioned in my post about my brush collection, Hoola works great at adding that cheek bone definition that we all strive for.

Next thing worth a mention is my Naked 2 Palette, I’ve had it for a while now but don’t think I’ve ever written about it. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of use out of it and enjoyed finding new colour combinations to use on the eyelid. Tease and YDK are great for a pinky look that I’ve been getting a lot of wear out of and also Snakebite with Busted in the crease is a subtle smoky brown that would suit anyone. Overall I think it’s a great palette and well worth the money and I may have to look into the new Naked Palette that’s now available.

Last on my list of monthly favourites is a bit of skincare that’s now a firm part of my daily routine. I recently ran out of my Origins Make A Different Plus moisturiser and planned to go out and repurchase, however I had a couple of samples of the Clarins Hydra Quench Cream lying around and I really enjoyed using it (mainly because it smells amazing) so instead I thought I’d mix things up and give that a go. I use this in the morning as the final step of my skincare routine and it does what it says on the pot, it’s great at hydrating my skin which it tends to need this time of year. An added bonus is that it has SPF in, which the Origins Moisturiser doesn’t, so it means not having to worry about whether my skin is protected.






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