Essie Junkie

You’ll soon realise I own far too many nail varnishes and it’s the one thing I find very hard to part with. When I was having a recent clear out of my collection I managed to convince myself I did in fact need to keep my Barry M dark green bogy colour polish in case I ever went to a St Patrick’s Day party. I haven’t ever been to one in my 20 years but my day may come. So yes… I’m a shameful hoarder of nail varnish.

It’s sad to say my unused bogey green is no longer with us but I’ve moved on and some staple favourites of mine include Soul Mate and Carry On by Essie. Essie is by far my most owned brand and my favourite for both formula and colour range. These particular colours are two very similar dark burgundy shades that are perfect for Autumn and Winter. I somehow have both, however they really are almost identical so either one will do, unless like me you’re a nail varnish junkie.

Master Plan is a colour I always get loads of compliments on, it’s been a firm favourite of mine for years now and I get a lot of wear out of it. I always tend to choose colours that are quite neutral as I like them to be able to go with all outfits.

I think it’s fair to say Bobbing for Baubles is my all time favourite seen as I’m on my third bottle of the stuff. It’s a very dark navy blue, that looks black in some light but I think is a little more chic than jet black. I wear this throughout all seasons and it goes with every outfit, so it’s an all round winner.

I’m not a massive fan of red, I don’t seem to own many red clothes it’s just not my colour. Saying that I am partial to a red nail and picked up a couple of red nail polishes in the airport not too long ago when I was having an Olivia Paloma moment (I love that women). The one shade I’ve gotten the most wear out of is Essie Aperitif which I have been cracking out a lot this festive season.

Now lets talk top and bottom coats. Bottoms coats aren’t something I always use as I find they make your nails take a lot longer to dry however you can tell a difference when it comes to removing your nail varnish and your nails aren’t stained with the previous colour. Having said that I have been trying to get into the habit of using one and the one I’ve been reaching for the most is from Sally Hansen, it’s her Double Duty Base and Top Coat. I don’t use this as a top coat though because I am fiercely loyal to a well-known favourite, Seche Vite. I think I first heard about this Anna from Vivianna Does Makeups many years ago and have used it ever since (thanks Anna). It makes your nails dry super fast and look almost like gel, it’s on the pricier side of things but it’s well worth every penny in my opinion, so definitely give it a try.


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