Hello 2016!

img_84101So it’s 2016… I love this time of year, new starts, fresh diaries and lots of ambitious goals for the year ahead. I thought to kickstart the year and as a personal reminder I would make a list of the main resolutions I have made and plan to carry through all the way to 2017! I have lots of personal goals I wish to achieve this year but without making this post 20 pages long I thought I would sum up the main points of what I aim to change.

Be Proactive

I’m the queen of procrastination, I mess about doing pointless tasks or watching YouTube videos when I should be being proactive. Whether it’s going to the gym, reading plays or doing signing practise I don’t dedicate enough of my day to the things that are really going to help me achieve my goals in the future. As you may know I’m currently training to be an actor at the Birmingham School of Acting and so there are loads of things I should spend more time doing to really improve as a performer. So this year I aim to knuckle down and I can’t wait to see the improvements. As well as all that I want to really expand this blog, I started it back in May and have fallen in love with blogging since but there is always room for improvements so expect lots more content and photos coming your way in 2016!

Be Healthy

I say this every year like everyone else does, but this year I’m going to get really fit. I know I know you’ve heard it before. But I’m setting myself achievable goals, firstly these are simply to cut down on the sweet treats and start going on a run at least once a week, and then throughout the year I will push myself further to be the best I can be fitness wise.  So whether you have always wanted to run a marathon or you just want to be able to walk around the park without getting so out of breath, set yourself targets and make them happen! No more excuses I’m going to put down the chocolate and pick up my running shoes.

Be Positive

I’d like to think on the whole I’m a pretty positive person but like everyone I have down days, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with that, but instead of sitting and feeling sorry for myself I aim to push on doing the things I love and perhaps just spending more time with friends and family when I do feel rough. Being positive includes both having a more positive attitude towards myself and also taking more time to see and speak to my friends and family that mean a lot to me. I think both of these are massively important in order to have a happy and more positive life.


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