Comfy And Casual

I have to admit this post has been waiting around in my drafts box for a while now and I’ve only just got around to posting it. So even though this isn’t really full-blown winter appropriate attire, here it is…The blouse I’m wearing was a purchase I made on Gilli Island back when I was traveling and I’m glad I did because I’ve worn it to death. I love the colours and it’s an easy thing to throw on to look a bit smarter. Over the top of this I have a knitted black card from Next which is without doubt the softest item of clothing I own, and it adds that much-needed layer of warmth.

I’m wearing my favourite jeans that I’ve loved for a while now but they’re unfortunately getting a bit worn out, they’re from Armani Exchange which isn’t a usual shopping destination for me. However I worked there last year and so got them at a very reduced price and they’re the only ones I wear these days. I find it hard to find the perfect jeans that are high-waisted and don’t go bagging at the knees and bum after one wear but these have been the best I have owed in a long time.

KGJ_0248KGJ_0407KGJ_0556My Nike SBs have got so much wear since I bought them a few months ago. They’re comfy and go with everything so are a win win really. This handbag, from a brand called Creater has gone everywhere with me these last few months, I love the look of a backpack and they are super handy as well.

Lastly my jewellery, I’m the sort of person that finds something they like and never takes it off. I would much rather have one or two really good quality pieces I can wear every day and not worry about them going rusty because they’re a cheap material. This letter necklace was also a purchase I made on my travels. Bali had some amazing jewellery shops selling real silver pieces at very affordable prices and I won’t lie… I bought a lot of things, maybe I’ll do a post on that another day. On my wrist is my Olivia Burton watch, I’ve mentioned this before in a style post but it’s been my firm favourite since I was bought it back in May. It’s simple, classic and easy to wear, perfect really.



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