Clear Closet, Clear Mind

There is nothing I like better than a big clear out of clutter and an organise of chaos. Although I’m a sentimental person that keeps old birthday cards, I’m not one for keeping clothes I won’t wear or make up I won’t use when I know they could go to a better home.

This time of year is great for a clear out, the new year is here so why not be start it with a fresh looking organised closet. Here are the steps I take in order to have a successful de clutter of my obscenely full wardrobe.

Get it all out
The only way to start a good clear out is to get everything out of your wardrobe or drawers and shove it in a clear space such as your bed. Don’t be half-hearted about it, if it’s going to be a successful clear out you need to go through everything so make sure you’ve got time set aside to do so.

Try it on
Whether you rope some friends in to share their opinions or do it alone with a mirror the best thing to do is try everything on, things that you may have once thought looked good you may find really need to hit the bin bag.

Put it in piles
My approach is to clear out the whole contents of my wardrobe into three piles. Definitely keep, can’t decide and definitely part with. After trying on every item toss them into the appropriate piles. Then I go through the ‘can’t decided’ pile again. I try to give an answer depending on whether I can really see myself getting enough wear out of it or not. My general opinion is that if you can’t decided, chuck.

Put back in
Whilst your wardrobe is empty give it a quick clean and then neatly put everything back in. I’ve always set my clothes out appropriate to season with my t-shirts at the front during summer and then in the colder months switching it up when I know jumpers are what I’ll be reaching for most. Then take all the items you have decided to let go to your local charity shop.

Go shopping
It goes without say this is my favourite part of a clear out, as the shopaholic I am. I love nothing more than raiding the stores. However it does defeat the object of the mammoth clear out if you’re going to go and fill it to the brim straight away. This is where a list comes in handy, before hitting the shops make yourself a list of the items you actually need in your collection for the current upcoming season.


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