Date Night Attire

KGJ_1365KGJ_1950KGJ_1327This outfit combines some of my current favourite pieces. Skinny jeans and a patterned blouses are my go to. Pairing it with a clutch bag and heeled boots make it perfect for any night out.

I am currently addicted to this All Saints blouse that I got from my very kind boyfriend for Christmas, it’s simple and easy to wear but the pattern is very unique and interesting. Like most, I am very faithful to my black skinny jeans. Recently my much loved Armani ones annoyingly got a hole in and so I took a trip to Levi. I picked up a pair from there new range, and so far they are living up to expectation.

KGJ_1699KGJ_1682KGJ_1626KGJ_1706KGJ_1661Now then… This coat! I have always been obsessed with the smarter style coats. I think they are such an easy thing to throw on to pull everything together, and they add a chic touch to any outfit. As you may have seen in a previous style post I have gotten a lot of wear out of my long grey Zara winter coat, but with this new purchase I’m not sure which to reach for (life’s hard).

As you may have seen the post on my Instagram @alexgracejones I am in love with these new Zara boots, I’m not a massive heel wearer, to be honest I’ve always been more comfortable in my trainers but I do have to admit heeled boots just complement the outfit together and plus I’m only small so the extra height they give me is always an added bonus. The bag is another Zara purchase, I got it a few years ago now but still love it and think the colour is great for this time of year.



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