Marble Book Of Organisation

dscn43022The start of the year is a great time to shake up your everyday routine and get organised. Although I’m addicted to my phone for drafting blog posts and making shopping lists, when it comes to my diary I’m an old-fashioned pen and paper girl. I always found it easier to have a paper diary when I was at school because obviously you’re not allowed your phones out in class. However I could get away with whipping out my Moleskin diary to jot something down, so I didn’t forget. Even though I’m no longer at school this routine has stuck. I find having a paper diary clear to read and you get an over view of your week which is always handy when making plans. I have been using black Moleskin diaries for a few years now and I’m hooked, they’re small enough to carry around everyday but with enough room to write everything in and they’re aesthetically pleasing (which is, of course, a must).dscn43391dscn43441The main thing I wanted to talk about in this post is a new addition to my organisation system. It’s a grey marble covered daily journal I found in Urban Outfitters and fell head over heals in love with. This journal gives a more in-depth day-to-day breakdown, whereas my Moleskin is great for the main events happening each day and a general overview of the weeks. Before this I would write my to-do list across scrap paper and my phone notes and then have to piece together what it actually was I had planned to do. This book is great, it’s split into 6 different sections; date, daily objective, notes, things to do, projects and timetable.

The main section I use is the things to do, I write down every little thing I want to do that day from learning a script to painting my nails (my two main pass times), and I even give them a satisfying tick when they’re done. I use the project section for drama school projects I am currently working on like drafting an essay or reading a certain play. I use the timetable section alongside my moleskin, to add in events such as dentist appointments or theatre trips I have planned.

dscn42902dscn42952The only annoying thing is that the dates aren’t written in for you. So I spend the first day of the month going through and writing them in, along with the day of the week so it’s ready for use. I wasn’t sure what to write in the notes section and so I thought I’d put in a motivational quote to keep myself on track. I also do this on the first of each month so then when it gets to a certain date there is already some inspiring text for me to read to get my day started. I am very happy with my current diary system, but no doubt I’ll be switching it up soon, as I love stationary shopping and I love making sure I’m being as productive as possible everyday.


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