Skincare Saviours

The first thing to think about when buying any sort of skincare is what are your main skin concerns, whether it’s redness, uneven skin tone, blemishes, dryness? You can’t find the right cure if you don’t know what you’re trying to fix. For me my main concern is blemishes, I am lucky in the fact I don’t have acne or particularly bad spots but when I haven’t been eating right or I’ve had a week of wearing make up every day my face decides to punish me by delivering new spots to my forehead. This drives me crazy and although the spots aren’t terrible once I have one it’ll stick around for weeks and even after its finally cleared off it with leave a mark.

Spots often causes a vicious circle, you get a spot you attack it with products this makes it worse so you attack it with more and so it goes on. Similarly when your skin is looking its worst your more likely to slap on more make up to cover it which then congests your skin and makes it worse. There is just no winning! So recently I’ve put down the emergency spot control cream and turned to one of my most trusted face masks.

dscn39521There are many different ways of clearing up your skin but currently I’ve been relying on face masks to clear up my complexion. These two masks are both from origins which I’m sure you know is one of my most highly rated skincare concessions. The first product I ever used from Origins was the Clear Improvements Active Charcoal mask which is designed to clear pores. It’s suitable for all skin types as it’s not too drying, it simply and effectively removes environmental pollutants, dirt and debris from under your skin leaving your skin feeling calm and clear. The one downside to the mask is how hard it is to remove, because of its charcoal formula it is slightly harder to get off than your average cleansing mask. To combat this I tend to smear it on for 15 minutes just before hopping in the shower, that way I can be sure I won’t have any grey streaks in my hair-line.

I have to say my holy grail product at the moment is the Out Of Trouble 10 minute mask to rescue problem skin. This honestly makes my skin look healthier and clearer immediately. I’m so taken back by the effectiveness of this product every time I use it, as its rare you find a product with such fast and clear results. I can’t recommend this mask enough to anyone that suffers from the occasional break out and is looking for a quick fix to give your complexion the clear up it craves. Each of these masks are £23 which is slightly more expensive than drug store alternatives, but I would 100% argue they’re well worth every penny. Writing this post has made me feel like a pamper, so I’m off to slap on a mask and read a book (or perhaps a blog). I would love to hear about your holy grail masks, so leave me any recommendations in the comment section below.


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