The Relaunch

image2-7-2You may have noticed an absence of posts from my part of the net. This was due to a few things; firstly, I have been incredibly busy, but mainly my blog has been undergoing a few changes. I’m excited to reveal the new design of this blog! I started just under a year ago and have worked hard at making it as aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly as possible. I had no experience of web design before starting blogging and it wasn’t something I ever imagined myself particularly enjoying, however I couldn’t be more wrong. It’s time-consuming and can be frustrating but I’m a perfectionist and when I set my mind on something I do everything I can to see it through. I’ve spent countless nights after drama school staying up till the early hours trying to figure out how to make icons bigger or ensuring the search engine works, but it was all worth it.

image4-4After receiving an email from the lovely people at Blogerize, I realised it was time for a change. I love to keep things fresh and interesting and so together with their amazing design team we have come up with this site. They were eager to help me achieve the perfect platform to display my content, and sent me drafts along the way. I am over the moon with the outcome, I have always been a fan of clean and simple designs that are easy to find your way around and that priorities photography as I know I personally love to scroll through other bloggers photos. I couldn’t recommend their services enough, everyone I spoke to over the process of the relaunch was friendly and motivated to make sure I was completely happy with the outcome, it was done promptly and they were quick to reply to any questions I had. I’ve seen everything I envisaged come to reality due to their skill and I hope you like the new design as much as I do.

image1-9I would love it if you subscribed so you can keep up to date on all my latest posts, you can also follow me over on Bloglovin’ and all my other social media that are linked here. I am excited for heaps of new content on this new platform, please feel free to have a browse to get a feel of the new layout. I would love to hear what you think about the new launch of this blog and what sort of posts you’d like to see soon? Please leave me some comments below, I read everything you guys write and love to hear your opinions. Thank you for your constant support it means the world to me.



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