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I’m not the sort of person that gets homesick, I never really have been, don’t get me wrong I love being with my family and I love being able to coerce someone else into cooking for me, but in general I love being at uni. Except for one thing… The lack of a bath! If you had asked me a year ago I would have said I’m a shower girl through and through, but not having the option to have a bath when I’m living in my flat in Birmingham just makes me want them so much more. I’ve made it routine now that on my way to the station before setting off back to Sheffield I go into Lush and treat myself to lots of goodies so I can jump straight in the tub as soon as I’m off the train. I know a lot of people that find the smell of Lush too strong after browsing the shelves, but not me, I could stand in there for hours sticking my fingers in the various creams and sniffing a variety of multicoloured water surprises.

DSCN5652There are some products that go straight in my basket without a second thought, the first of these is The Comforter which is a berry scented bubble bar. I break off about a quarter of the pink and white swirly slab and crumble it under the hot running water. The main reason I like it (other than its amazing smell) is that it makes the water pink, and who doesn’t want a pink bath! If I’m feeling extra indulgent (which most of the time I am) I’ll toss in a bath bomb after crumbling in a chunk of The Comforter to add even more delicious smells. I have tried lots a of different ones, some of my favourites being Butterball, Frozen and Think Pink.

On my most recent visit to Lush I also picked up some products that I haven’t tried before. Firstly a bath oil, I’m all about having silky smooth skin so an oil seemed like the way forward. Alongside my bubble bar I didn’t get the full effect of its colour but I’m sure it would be nice on its own as well. I just can’t help myself, as soon as the hot water is running I start chucking in everything I’ve got. I’m basically running a Lush store out of my bathroom cupboard!

DSCN5662I also thought I’d try out one of their hair treatments. I went for Superbalm and it seemed like an all rounder so a good place to start. I’ve used it twice now and it works well at giving your hair a bit of extra hydration, which is probably due to the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and various other oils and waxes it contains. The only thing I would say is if you have very thick hair like me, it takes a lot of washing out. The first time I used it I thought I had washed thoroughly enough to ensure it was completely gone, however when I dried my hair I was still left with product on the right hand side of my head, so had to sport a comb over style to hide it. It’s safe to say I learnt from my mistake and the next time I used it took even more care in making sure it was all rinsed out.

I get the worlds driest hands. They get so bad that when I put hand cream on, they sting like mad. This makes me not want to put it on again, which results in them getting even worse (it’s an endless cycle). So I’m always on the hunt for a quick and effective cream to sort them out, I thought I’d try something new and pick up a tub of Love and Light which is designed to add moisture back into sore hands. So far I love it and it’s starting to return my hands to a normal state which is not an easy task. A quick heads up, the smell is very strong and I’m not personally the biggest fan of orange scents which is the main ingredient in the product, but if you like your orange blossom scents then I’m sure you’ll love it.

DSCN5693There are still so many products I want to get my hands on from Lush. First on my list has to be one of their face masks. I’ve heard some great things about them so am keen to slap one on next time I have a pamper. The Cup O’ Coffee mask is one a friend of mine uses and swears by so I’m sure that’ll find its way into my basket next time I pass the store. I have also read countless glowing reports on the Million Dollar Moisturiser so I’m eager to try that out and I will report back on my findings.

Lush is a brand I fully support, I love the ethos behind the brand and their morals. All there products are 100% vegetarian and they take part in supporting ethical buying and fighting animal testing. Fighting animal testing is a cause I believe in strongly and to see how passionately the brand is trying to raise awareness of the problem means I am always happy to spend my money in their stores to show my support. Now I’ve written this post, I’m itching to get in a hot bubble bath full of my favourite products, an ice cold glass of water on the side and a book in my hand and I’m set for a very serious unwinding soak. If you’ve tried any good products from Lush that you’d recommend leave a comment below, as I’m sure I’ll be back in the shop sometime very soon.



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