Made By Millie Mackintosh

I have always enjoyed flicking through the glossy pages of a coffee table book with a cup of tea. I find it’s a great way to relax, and also a great place to start if you’re looking for style inspiration, beauty hacks, cooking tips or work out motivation. I recently had a browse on Amazon for some new additions to my collection, so I thought I would share my first impressions. Made by Millie Mackintosh, has a vast range of content from style and beauty to food and fitness. I love the way this book is set out it’s easy to find what you’re looking for, and goes into depth on each topic. My favourite sections are the wardrobe essential lists she’s put together and her fitness and motivation tips. I find Millie’s Instagram very helpful when it comes to finding that well needed motivation to get my ass to the gym. The book is full of descriptions and clear pictures of different toning exercises that I find very handy and inspiring for trying new things.

DSCN4588The style section contains a list of her key wardrobe items before going on to talk about different style pieces in more depth. I love that she features a city break packing list as I’m sure that’ll come in very handy this summer when I’m jetting off to find some sun. Surprise surprise the section with the most pages marked is the beauty one.  This section is broken down into bite sized pieces so you can easily read up on the parts that interest you. A couple of articles that have been re visited several times are the caring for your skin one, where Millie talking about the importance of taking care of your face and then goes on to share her main three tips on how she achieves her glowing completion. You know when you see your friends make up bag and you just have the urge to rummage through it and see what stuff they’re loving? Well I get like that with knowing people skincare routines, so I was over the moon when I saw that the book contains both Millie’s morning and evening routine and even better than that… Her pamper routine! I probably got far more excited about this than I should have but I just love to know what people do on their Sunday evening pre week scrub down, to make them look and feel their best for the oncoming mayhem.


This is something I never thought I’d be saying but this last few months I have really been getting into my healthy eating and working out, just generally being a bit nicer to my body and I love it. Yes I do sometimes cave and find myself waiting for that thrilling call from the dominos man to say he’s outside, but for the most part I’m doing well (pat self on back). I’m a vegetarian so a lot of the recipes in the book don’t work for me, however just the way she talks about healthy eating is enough to persuade me to swap my much-loved chocolate bar for a banana. Millie talks about how she aims for a 70/30 healthy food/ unhealthy food balance which makes total sense to me, there is no point saying I’m never going to eat pizza again because that’s just not true but if 70% of the times I fancy pizza I swap it for something more healthy than the other 30% I feel less guilty about tucking into my veggy supreme. It has to be said that Millie’s body is pretty inspiring, and I love how exercise is a key part in her fitness journey not just cutting the calories. If you’re in need of some motivation, or stretching tips this is a great read and the pictures that go along side the explanations are a real help. I could talk about healthy eating and exercise for hours so I’ll save that for another day and I have a few posts up my sleeve about just that.

DSCN4575Perhaps my favourite thing about this book is how accessible it is. Due to the fact it is laid out with a contents page and then big headings above a clearly laid out list or paragraphs of text it is easy to pick up and flick to the section you fancy and have a read. As someone who doesn’t have much spare time I find this a really good way to get in a bit of late night reading to unwind and disconnect from technology just before lights out. So I’ll leave you with some inspiring words from Millie herself; stay in the now as much as you can, don’t judge (judgement is just so boring) and be as childlike as possible!

What are some of your favourite coffee table books? I’d love to hear some of your recommendations.



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