Personal Touch

I’m not the most adventurous when it comes to my jewellery choices, I have my key pieces that I wear everyday and literally never take off. I currently wear my Pandora bangle daily, and a sterling silver necklace I bought on my travels to Bali last summer. To me jewellery has a story, whether it’s because of where it’s from, who bought it or the time it reminds you of. Another great way to make jewellery personal is to have it engraved with a quote or your initials. I love wearing the same key pieces day in and day out.

Finding good quality jewellery is the most important part for me. No matter how much I love a piece, if it’s going to die my fingers green or get discoloured after a few weeks, I’m not interested. I don’t like having to faff around taking things off and on for bed, so I simply don’t. Once I find an item I like, it pretty much never leaves my body. The only way this is possible is to invest in good quality goods, this leads me onto what this post is all about. Gemporia is a jewellery brand that offers a vast range of different items for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of dainty silver or chunky gold it has what you’re looking for.

DSCN6757Their website is so easy to navigate and you even get the option to talk to a specialist member of their team to help you pick out the perfect purchase. My favourite range is their personalised gemstone jewellery. I have always loved things engraved with a personal touch as it just makes it so much more treasured and special. The lovely people an Gemporia kindly gifted me my own Rhodolite Garnet Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver and engraved my initials on to it. I love this piece so much everything down to the colour of them gemstone to the style of font is perfect and I haven’t taken it off since it arrived.

I’m addicted! I now have my eye on the dainty stack rings they sell, as I think this could look great styled with a range of different outfits for summer. Why not treat yourself or someone special to a personalised present they will never forget. What are your favourite bits from their site? Leave me a comment down below as I love to hear your feedback.



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