I used to hate the gym – seriously hate it! Yes I wanted to be fit and look good but the thought of running on a treadmill for an hour just killed me! I wanted to find the right work out for me, something I knew would really work and show me results but also something that I enjoyed doing so I didn’t loose interest after a couple of weeks. I tried listening to music, I tried going with friends, I tried 100 different fitness classes from body attack to spin to yoga but nothing was enough to make me enjoy working out and I agreed with myself exercise and I would never be friends. Well that was until I tried Trib3! Trib3 is a 45 minute boot camp class run my professional personal trainers that push you to your absolute limit. I currently try to do about three classes a week, alternating it with going to Virgin Active to use their gym and pool.

Every workout is different. There are three classes to pick from, upper body, lower body and full body. These are pretty self-explanatory, my personal favourite is full body. In each class you focus of the area you have selected. However every individual class is also varied so you never get bored because you never do the same sequence twice. Every class follows the same structure of two rounds of treadmill, resistance and intensity, which are all individual and unique. For example one time you might do sprints on the treadmill, pushing yourself to run as fast as you can and other times the focus is on pushing the incline to the max and pushing yourself to get up the hill climb. The treadmill part is great at increasing your stamina and overall fitness, and seeing the number of calories burnt go up in front of your eyes is always a beautiful site. With resistance you do a variety of exercises with weights of your choice and a stepping block to attack all areas of your physic, from squats to chest press you really do work every inch of your body. Then, in my view the best part, it is intensity where you combine a mixture of ab work, cardio and strength work to keep your heart rate through the roof. Every week they introduce new moves to get your pulse racing, so being bored is really not an option. All that in just 45 minutes! I promise you no one leaves without sweat dripping from their forehead and their arms feeling like they might fall off but it’s so worth the pain as you see your fitness level increasing every time you step foot through the door. Their team of trainers are all bursting with energy and positivity and are there to support you and get the most out of you. They are great at working with clients of all ages and abilities and helping you stay motivated to reach your goals.DSCN6970DSCN6982Whether you’re like me and need some serious motivation or you are bored of your current workout and want to switch things up, or even a pro that is looking for a challenge… Trib3 is for you and I urge you to at least try it once because I can assure you, you’ll be hooked. Unlike most gyms you don’t have to sign up for any membership. Simply pay for the classes you book. Download the easy to use app and book the class and the time that suits you. I recently took part in their steel week offer where I did a boot camp class every day for 7 days and as a prize got a free gym t-shirt to show off my commitment.

DSCN6852DSCN6878DSCN6988DSCN6858The classes are quite pricey and I know this may put you off at first look, but if you buy sessions in bulk then the price per class nearly halves so it works out great value for money. The studio is perfect for getting you in the mood to push yourself, dim lights and coloured zones for each section of the workout accompanied with loud energising music which is great for covering the sounds of moans as you push yourself to the limit and further. They have fully kitted out changing rooms with showers, lockers and even a set of GHDs which makes this workout perfect if you have a spare 45 minutes and you can leave looking fresh and not covered in the well-earned sweat. You can also order yourself a protein smoothie before your class that will be sat waiting for you as soon as you have finished. They have a range of flavours, they taste amazing and you know you are filling your body with good ingredients.

DSCN6914DSCN6919DSCN6903DSCN6911If you are interested in finding the workout that just might change how you feel about dragging you body out of bed to get to the gym, pop into Trib3 on Ecclesall Road Sheffield, give them a call on 0114 268 0895 or check out their website You currently get your first session free and also the lovely Trib3 team have very kindly said any readers of this blog are welcome to 10 sessions for £70 (saving yourself £10)!  So now you really do have no excuse not to give it a try!



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