Must Do’s on Holiday

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in Tuscany, Italy with my family and boyfriend Jayden. I’d never been to Italy before but it has always been top of my list for countries I wanted to visit. We spent most of our time in Tuscany where our accommodation was but also visited Florence and Pisa whilst we were there. I decided this holiday was the perfect opportunity to take a proper break and really re-charge after a crazy busy year. Here are my top tips to ensure you get the most out of your summer break no matter where you’re going.


By this I don’t mean sit by the side of the pool writing a list of things to do, I mean get organised before you hit the road. Traveling can be stressful and you don’t want to get to the airport and realise you’ve forgotten your charger or your passport is out of date! I also like to have a google of the place I’m going to see what I definitely want to squeeze in whilst there. Another great way to plan is to order yourself a guide-book of the city you are visiting, my favourite are the Lonely Planet series as they give a lot of detail and even provide full day plans if you know you’re going to be on a tight schedule but are keen to fit lots of sight-seeing in. I always find it very beneficial to look up a few common phrases in the language of your destination, so that ordering your favourite food or asking for the bill doesn’t turn into a game of Charades. So get organised before you set off, you will thank yourself massively later.

dsc_0717ALONE TIME

Life can get very busy and very hectic sometimes so it’s important to have some time to yourself, it can be hard to really take time for yourself and relax but being on a trip or a holiday could be your perfect opportunity. Go and explore the area around where you’re staying, take your camera and see what photos you can get or find a little cafe, take your book and read it over a hot cup of coffee or a fresh lemonade (my personal favourite). Do things with your family and friends who you’ve gone with is obviously great but make sure you take a night to yourself to just do something you really want to.


I’m not going to lie I don’t read as much as I should, unless I’m reading a play for drama school I rarely set aside time to get into a novel which is a shame because once I get started I really enjoy it. Before you go away browse a bookshop or two and pick out a couple of books you think you’ll love. My favourite of the few I read whilst away was Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins, if you haven’t read it I would highly recommend it. It’s very like Gone Girl, so if you’re into you mysterious, gripping murder mystery type fictions Girl on the Train will not disappoint I promise!

dsc_0816EAT WELL

Your on holiday so of course you want to overindulge but you don’t want to come back feeling bloated and ill from the amount of sugary crap you’ve put into your body just because you have the excuse of being away from home. Yes order the pasta and yes have the wine just don’t go over board as you’ll end up feeling sluggish and hungover. Remember everything in moderation. When you’re in a hotter climate it’s easy to forget how important it is to up your water intake. It stops headaches, helps with digestion and can improve your skin so there really is no reason not to keep sipping water during your days around the pool to help you feel and look your best. I have an app that reminds be throughout the day as without it I’m hopeless at keeping track of my intake.


It’ll come as no surprise I’m sure but one of my all time favourite things to do when away is take pictures. I love taking pictures when I’m in my bedroom with beauty products on my white desk or beautiful scenery, clear skies and tanned skin really do make me want to spend the full duration of my trip getting snaps. I recommend something like a 64gb memory card which should easy last you a 2 week holiday whether your just taking photos or videoing short clips as well.


I realise this sounds pretty obvious but if you’re anything like me you need a reminder to actually switch off once in a while and just simply enjoy yourself. Holidays never feel long enough and before you know it you’ll be back on the plane wishing you had more time. So have races in the pool and play card games till midnight, there is no better time than a summer holiday to kick back and enjoy yourself so you can go home feeling refreshed and ready to get back into things.

dsc_0547What are your favourite things to do on holiday? I would love to know if you’re more of an explorer or a relaxer or a bit of both. Leave any comments down below and like always I will make sure to read and reply.


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