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Fashion is something I have always found fascinating, from flicking through Vogue at a young age to putting together my own outfits, I have always loved to experiment with new styles and trends to see what works for me. If you know me at all you’ll know I’m a big fan of making lists so I thought I’d throw together my five top tips on how to be stylish regardless of your budget or the season, I hope this helps.


Trying to establish your own sense of style can be hard, I find scrolling through Pinterest the best way of finding new inspiration. Once I have stopped crying over how beautiful and elegant all the girls wearing the clothes are I find it pretty helpful when I need to pick out an outfit or put together separates. Whatever style of outfit you’re looking for, whether it’s for date night, first day back at school or a night in town with the girls you can just type in the keywords of what you’re looking for and hundreds of pictures will pop up. I don’t necessarily search for an exact outfit, to then try to hunt down to buy, I just find the process of looking through the pictures provides a bit of energy and motivation to try different combinations of clothes already hung in my wardrobe or sometimes point out key pieces missing from my drawers.


Proportions are key! Unless you’re the Olsen twins and so can therefore pull off any anything, I would steer clear of the baggy on baggy look. I’d say if you’re wearing something like skinny jeans on bottom stick to a looser fitting top and vice versa, it’s more figure flattering than wearing tight on tight or just a whole bunch of baggy items that will mean your shape can’t be seen at all. So use different fits to show off your body in flattering ways, this will make you feel a million times more confident.


If in doubt stick to monochrome! Whether you go all black all white or all nude monochrome adds a fresh and modern vibe to your outfit. Some days I just don’t have the energy to stress over whether my floral blouse really goes with my trousers. So when in doubt go back to basics and simply pair together monochrome pieces and maybe add a flare of colour with an accessory or colourful handbag.


I’m not one for big statement necklaces. Personally on me I find them unflattering as I have quite big boobs for my size so don’t want to draw more attention to my chest. However if that’s not the case for you, a big chunky statement necklace might be a great way to add something extra to your outfit. My favourite way to accsessorise is layering lots of smaller necklaces. I think this can look really simple and effective especially when wearing a plain top. I also love watches! I wear a watch nearly every day, I think they are such a chic add-on that instantly makes you look more put together. Finally rings are a must, I usually wear 2/3 rings spread out on different fingers or alternatively I’ll stack a couple of complimentary ones on one finger to make it into more of a statement piece.



Dressing for your body shape! This is by far the most important tip, you might have hundreds of pounds to spend on clothes or always be wearing the latest trends however if you aren’t wearing the right pieces to flatter your figure it’s not going to be doing you any favours. Everyone has their good points and their areas they may not be so keen on. A good tip is to wear clothes that are going to emphasis your favourite bits and cover up any areas you’re more self-conscious about.



Confidence really shows! This ties in with my tip about wearing clothes to suit your shape, but if you feel comfortable in an outfit obviously that confidence is going to show, one of the main ways to look stylish is to wear an outfit that makes you feel great. There is nothing worse than wearing something and then avoiding cameras all night or trying to keep your jacket on because you don’t feel good in it. A good way to avoid this sort of thing happening is to not worry too much about current trends. It is so much more important to find clothes that suit you and you feel confident in than buying the latest Top Shop dress, which might just not flatter you as much as something else would and let’s face it you know you’re bound to bump into someone else wearing it (and that’s never fun).

image1These are my main tips when it comes to personal style, but I would love to hear what yours are. Leave comments below about tips you find helpful, as I could always do with a fresh look on things. I hope you enjoyed this sort of post, if so I will do more in the near future.


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