How To Make Smart Style Choices

I’m very excited to share some of my tips on how to make smart style choices. I got to work with a great brand called Zan.Style on this post. I thought seen as I was lucky enough to have some of their wonderful pieces, I would share them with you and let you know why I think there website is perfect if like me you are after some great quality wardrobe staples. I will leave links to all the Zan.Style clothing worn in this post at the bottom, be sure to go over and check out their amazing range. Oh and just to add to my excitement they currently have up to 75% off their clothing line so be sure to check it out before this priceless promotion ends. Hope you enjoy…

Key pieces

My wardrobe is full to the brim. That’s a lie my two wardrobes at uni and my one at home are all full to the brim. I’m a clothes hoarder I’ll admit it. Anything else, make up, stationary, general bits and bobs; if i don’t use them for a few months they’re out of there but clothes… I have attachment issues. This being said i don’t wear 3/4 of the clothes in my three wardrobes. Once I find an item of clothing that I like and I find comfortable and flattering, I won’t take it off. More often than not these items of clothing, that I wear again and again, aren’t the bargains I snatched up off a reduced rack they’re the pieces I thought over and invested a bit more money into. I’m not saying you have to go splash all your money in Selfridges to look good, but taking time over the staple pieces on your rail can really make such a difference. I always find that in the long run you get so much more for your money if you invest in key pieces than if you buy a £10 top but only wear it once. I love simple camisoles, they’re great for layering but also on their own and especially when they are made of this silky material like my new one from Zan.Style. I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this year round.

Pay attention to materials

I’m sure you all know that lovely feeling where you try on a dress and it hangs just right. It doesn’t cling, or pinch and it doesn’t droop and bag it simply falls over your cellulite in all the right ways. More often than not this is down to the material. The material of my clothes isn’t something I have ever given much thought to. If I like the fit and design of a piece I will buy it, however it wasn’t till I tried these pieces for Zan.Style that I really started thinking about the quality of the cloth hanging in my wardrobe. I’m not suggesting you go round reading the labels of everything that catches your eye, it’s simply the feel and paying attention to how the item sits on your body and feels against your skin. For me this stripy shirt is a new staple in my wardrobe, as soon as I spotted it on their website I knew it was the one for me. I love baggy shirts, and although I tend to go for a longer style I am loving this slightly more cropped fit. However the thing that I love most is how it hangs, its such a light cotton that it simply falls effortlessly making it a lot more flattering than your usual thick flannel.

Comfort leads to confidence

The expression ‘no pain, no gain’ might work for me in the gym or when I’m having my eyebrows waxed, but when it comes to my style, I am afraid it’s a no from me. I hate being uncomfortable in what I’m wearing, and this goes both for physically uncomfortable and emotionally. If I can’t sit down without something digging in, or raise my arms without everything coming untucked and bunched up, I ain’t interested. This Zan.Style dress ticks all the boxes when it comes to comfort. It’s not my usual style but as soon as I scrolled passed it on their website I knew it was for me. It’s such a great item to throw on when you don’t know what to wear but are fed up of the black skinnies and v- neck T (just me?). I was also in shock when I tried on this white denim mini skirt, as although I knew I already loved the style of it I was not expecting it to be so bloody comfortable. I have worn it for three days straight (I’m gross I know) and I haven’t felt the need to take it off when I get home to ‘get comfy’ like I often do if I’m wearing other tight denim. It some how magically manages to hug your shape at the same time as giving you room to move freely (I mean I could do lunges in this thing, its crazy). I’m about to order it in black too, I love it that much, I’m obsessed!I hope these tips have helped in someway and maybe you have found some inspiration in the styling of the beautiful Zan.Style items featured. If so please check out their site as like I said they have some amazing discounts on at them moment. Please leave some of your ways to make smarter style choices in the comments below and share this post if you liked it. Thank you.


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