Feeling Confident In Front Of The Lens

Whether you are a full time blogger, a compulsive snapper or an avid instagramer, it’s always nice to feel comfortable in front of a camera. As a actor myself, you’d think I would love being in front of the lens but the truth is I have grown to much prefer being the other side of it. This is fine for when it comes to talking about beauty products or vegan food as I can slap the product victims on my white desk and shoot away, happy and hidden (and normally in my pj’s). However when I started my blog I put the word style in the subtitle and so here I am two years on faking it until I make it, pretending I know what I’m doing when it comes to fashion and style posts. Luckily for me my mum is a photographer and my sister is also very handy with an camera so I have had a lot of practise. For that reason I thought I would share with you my top tips for feeling more comfortable in front of the camera.


This is especially important if you are just starting with style and fashion photos, if you’re like me you’re not going to be jumping at the idea of strutting your stuff down Oxford Street on a Saturday whilst being chased by a camera. Find somewhere quiet where you feel comfortable, perhaps your local park, or a street by your house with pretty houses on it. If you are constantly on the look out for people you might know seeing you you’re not going to get the best photos and you’re certainly not going to enjoy the shoot.

Know your photographer

This is sometimes hard as if you are hiring a photographer the chances are you’re not going to know them. However before agreeing to a photoshoot or booking a shoot yourself you should make sure you have spoken to the photographer. Make sure you give them a clear idea of the sorts of shots you like and don’t be afraid to tell them what you want, as you are much more likely to come away happy with the photos if you have had a mutual understanding as to what your aim is. Another good way of finding a photographer, is to look at their previous work, see what sort of style and aesthetic they normal work to and make sure this fits in with what you are after.

Know your angles

By this I basically mean get in front of a mirror and strike a pose. There is no shame in it, we’ve all been there. Every one has different angles and poses that work for them. It can be really helpful to copy someone off instagram to start with, but once you get into it and you have flicked though a few photos of yourself you will start to work out what angles flatter your face and body the most.


This one goes without say really but lighting is probably the most important thing when it comes to taking good photos. If you are trying to get the perfect selfie you want to hold you phone or camera up in front of a window. Let the natural light hit your face it is a million time more flattering than any artificially inside light. If you are outside taking full body/ style photos, you want a bright day but not sunny. Overcast is better that way you won’t end up with dodgy shadows across your body and face.


Never fear, photoshop is here. Now I don’t mean make your boobs four cup sizes bigger and your waist four sizes smaller, but little touch ups here and there are fine! Social media and magazines can be awful for showing you what you should look like and I don’t agree with over edited pictures, displaying what you wish you looked like if you went to the gym everyday for three years. However I won’t lie, I often edit spots out off close ups of my face, or smooth over the skin on my legs if I have forgotten to shave (I’m a grub, don’t judge me). I used to only take pictures if my skin was clear and I had had my hair done the day before but trying to run a beauty and fashion blog when you never get in front of the camera is bloody near impossible. So instead, embrace and own how you look on whatever day you decided to take photos, and if that angry red spot on your chin clashes with the  new orange top you’re documenting edit it out. It’s not a crime! I use Photoshop on my phone and also I sometimes use Face Tune for selfies or close ups for Instagram.

I hope these tips helped, I would love to hear your top tips on fashion photography. So please tweet me, snap me or chat to me over on Instagram. Thank you for reading!


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