The Best Vegan Chocolate

‘I could never be a vegan, I love chocolate’ ‘I mean I would, it’s just I love dairy milk’ ‘But chocolate though’. I’ve lost count of the number of times people have said these sorts of things to me, and trust me I get it, I really do. I am probably one of the biggest chocoholics you’ll ever meet. ‘I am’ not ‘I was’. Because as you can see from the title of this post, vegans can be chocoholics too. I’m not going to lie to you, chocolate was probably the thing I was most worried about missing (that or cheese) and I think that’s the same for most people. They think that they couldn’t go vegan because they’d miss certain things too much. You’re not wrong, it’s not as easy to walk into a corner shop and not buy a kit kat and at Christmas you have to pass up on the quality streets. But there are so many amazing vegan altervatives available, and most of them you would never know there was anything ‘missing’.

When I first went vegan, it was over night (I talk about that in my post about my vegan story) and until then I hadn’t tried many diary free chocolates. Like most people, I assumed in order to be dairy free it had to be dark and I hated dark chocolate. Although I’m now a pretty big fan of Lint 70%, you don’t have to be in order to make a dairy free choice. Just like with regular bars, there are some mouthwatering, some amazing and some… not so good *cough* bounty *cough*. Being the sweeter toothed creature I am and having been vegan for coming up to two years now, I have gnawed my way through many a dairy free treat and feel like I am now quite the connoisseur.

It’s a massive claim I know but it’s official, I’m naming Ombar the best vegan chocolate. There I said it. There are lots of great ones like I mentioned. Loving earth, Vego and Booja Booja to name a few, and some that are very easily accessible such as Green and Blacks and Bournville. But taking everything in to consideration I would have to go with Ombar. They have a vast range of flavours, which is not something I’m normally interested in, but Ombar has me loving even strawberry flavoured chocolate (but seriously you have to try the strawberry mylk). The fact is, whether you’re on a plant based diet or not, the stuff is great and it’s just an added bonus it’s dairy free. Vegan and non vegan friends of mine that have tried the stuff are all in agreement that you can’t taste a difference, and in fact it’s just a really great tasting alternative.

Okay, I’m officially drooling on my keypad, so I’m off to make myself a nice cup of tea and grab myself a bar of hmm… I think I’ll go with coco mylk flavour this time. Have you ever tried vegan chocolate? If so what’s your favourite? I’ll take any excuse to try some new ones.


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