Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Others

Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself To Others

If I’m being honest, I have been getting pretty caught up in the numbers when it comes to the blogging part of my life. I always keep track of which of my posts do the best and which not quite as well, I think that self monitoring is good for progress. Also I think if you’re using other people in the same field as you for inspiration and motivation that’s another great thing! I’m always on the blogs and instagrams of the people who inspire me, and I see nothing wrong with that.

However I’ve been getting sucked in to comparing my numbers to other bloggers or social media influencers and that has to stop. This doesn’t just stand for bloggers though! In all aspects of life there is a tendency to compare ourselves to others. Here are three reasons why you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people.


The chances are if you or comparing yourself to others, you are comparing yourself to people you want to be like. There is a reason you want your blog or your photos to be like theirs and it’s not going to be because they are worse is it? You’re always going to be comparing yourself to the best of the best and so the chances are, you’re going to come away feeling worse about your own content.


This is the main one for me. I would spend my time looking at how many times other bloggers post a week or how many different outfit shots they had taken that month. I would just sit there thinking well I don’t have enough time for that! Bull sh*t! The only reason I didn’t have enough time for that was because I was sat stalking other people, rather than getting out there and taking more outfit photos or getting up and writing that blog post! So from now on if I’m feeling bad about my blog or unsatisfied with my social media, I’m going to change that by producing new exciting content rather than sitting looking at other people’s work making myself feel worse.


We are all capable of self comparison and it’s not always a bad thing. However, when it becomes obsessive or it’s discouraging you from doing what you love, it needs to stop. Whatever aspect of life you find yourself comparing yourself in, whether you’re looking at someones subscriber count, or the number of likes they get on a post. Maybe you’re in school and you think someone has more friends than you, or at work and worried about how much you earn compared to others. At the end of the day, numbers aren’t everything. Instead of stressing over what other people are doing, get your head down and work hard. If you’re buried in your own work you’re not going to care that Mindy got 3000 likes on a tweet, because you’re busy doing what makes you happy, and that’s all that matters anyway.

Does anyone else have a tendency to compare themselves to other people? Or how do you stop yourself from doing so? I’d love to know.



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