Choosing Collaborations

Choosing Collaborations

I love being a blogger. I get to share my thoughts and ideas with a following on a daily basis. I would do this regardless of getting free things and payment, however, I’m lucky enough to be able to make money from doing what I love. Recently I’ve found myself having to turn down different opportunities or collaborations for a few reasons and it’s been really getting me down. I feel so ungrateful when I have to turn down a collaboration and I often spend ages mulling it over, worrying that it wasn’t the best idea. There are three main things that cause me to say no to a brand and although it’s hard I’ve found it always works out for the best if you stick to your guns and aren’t afraid to say no.

Does it fit my brand?

This is so important when it comes to whether or not I say yes to working with a brand. I would say I cover a large range of topics on my blog from skincare and makeup to organisation and tips on going vegan, luckily most of the collaborations that come my way are from companies that have properly looked at my blog and so know what I’m about. However, there are still emails in my inbox that just aren’t for me. This isn’t to say the brand is bad or the products aren’t worth advertisement but I just know I’m not the right person for the job. I got a really lovely personal email a couple of weeks ago about a brand that really wanted to work with me, they were so complimentary and polite and I would have loved to work with them if it wasn’t for the fact that the products they wanted me to talk about were road signs. I mean I guess in a way I do use road signs as I’m on my way around the city but I couldn’t accept it no matter how big the pay cheque because it wouldn’t be fair on either party to be advertising a product on the wrong platform. Maybe there are bloggers out there that specialise in a Sunday post about stop signs but I, unfortunately, am not one of them and so on that occasion, the shoe didn’t fit. That is quite an extreme example but there are lots of time I just know I’m not the right girl for the job and although it can be hard to turn down a paying job, in the end, it’ll benefit your site if you haven’t got it chocker block full of random collaborations that don’t fit your brand.

Is it worth my time?

Blogging for me is by no means about the money or perks however as I work towards leaving uni I’d be stupid not to see that this is a good form of income. Putting together posts can be very time-consuming, especially if you’re a perfectionist like me. I want every single one of my posts or photos to be the best they can but this doesn’t come without dedicating a lot of precious hours. I now judge whether or not a collaboration is worth saying yes to based on how long I think it’s going to take me. For example, I recently worked with Reeves on their Christmas Campaign and the photos took me ages as not only do they feature hand-drawn artwork but the products shown all had to be chosen and laid out to my taste. Luckily the team at Reeves were great and for the Instagram post, I was paid very fairly for the time I had put in. Similarly, some work I did with Clive Christian didn’t take me long at all and so I was able to accept a lower fee as it only took a couple of hours from start to finish. It can be hard to judge at first but the more offers you get the more familiar you get with how to ask for more money or more products to feature. As long as you’re being reasonable there is no reason you can’t see if they have a bigger budget if you know it’s going to take you a while to get the perfect shot or post written. Don’t sell yourself short.

Are they cruelty-free?

This is the one that really prompted me to write this post. As I’m sure you’re aware I’m a vegan/ cruelty-free blogger and I’m proud of that. I don’t use anything that’s been tested on animals so I’m sure as hell not going to advertise it to my followers. Animal testing is something I am. so deeply passionate about changing, however when a massive beauty brand I’ve seen on Selfridges shelves for years wants to send me products or collaborate it can be so hard to say no. It’s hard when they’re offering a good price for a post or to send you new exclusive products you know you could be the first to photograph, but at the end of the day I’ve made my choice and I’m proud. I simply have to refuse and try and erase the offer from my brain. I don’t know many other cruelty-free bloggers but I would really like to know if they all find this a challenge or how they deal with it?

If any other bloggers have any good tips for choose which brands to collaborate with leave them in a comment below, I’d love to know.


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