Thesis Beauty

Thesis Beauty

I haven’t done a full detailed beauty review in a while and so I thought I would break that draught with a post about a new brand I have discovered called Thesis.

“Since 2009, Thesis has been run by a family of happy vegetarians dedicated to the development of truly organic and natural skin care products at accessible price points. Our goal is helping people with all different skin types achieve healthy-looking, glowing skin. We took it upon ourselves to develop skincare products that will give you peace of mind and confidence that it’s the best nature has created. Here is what you can always count on: Premium certified organic ingredients, Formulas that actually work, Vegan and cruelty-free, Eco-friendly packaging, No synthetics. No fillers. No gimmicks.”

As soon as I read that I knew it was a brand I wanted to get to know more about and try out some of their products and so that’s what I’ve done and here is my honest opinion.

Organic Makeup Remover Rosemary Citrus

If I’m wearing makeup I always use a micellar water or some form of makeup remover before going in with a cleanser. I find no matter how good the cleanser is it never feels like it fully gets all my make up off and they often cause a bit of a mess in the process. Since I stopped using make up wipes a few years ago I’ve loved micellar waters and don’t get me wrong I still like them, however since I discovered Thesis Organic Make up Remover I’m struggling to go back to old ways. Thesis’s Make Up Remover is oil based which makes such a difference when trying to wipe away the remains of the days face. I was so shocked, when I first used it, as to how quick and easy it made removing even my stubborn eye makeup. I didn’t have to pull or roughly rub at my skin instead the oil dissolved away my make up effortlessly leaving my skin feeling fresh and squeaky clean. It left my skin feeling hydrated and un-irritated, I follow this up with the Daily Harmony facial cleanser to remove any final bits and make sure my pores are all clear so as not to cause spots.

Organic Facial Cleanser Daily Harmony

This to me is the stand out product that from Thesis. When looking for a cleanser I want something quick and easy to use that makes my skin feel spotlessly clean but without it feeling like it’s been stripped of its natural moisture, and that is exactly what you get from this the Organic Facil Cleanser. I’m the sort of person that loves Organic Source mint shower gel, I love that zingy clean feeling to wake you up in the morning or to refresh you after a long hard day. It’s not often you find that same feeling in a cleanser and I think that is what has made me reach for it every morning over other products.

Natural Face Cleanser Tender As Petals

This the Natural Face Cleanser is a bit of an odd one, it’s another cleanser from the range but there is a bit of a twist; it is a powder. I was a bit confused at first but was excited to give it ago. Now I have to be honest although it does work I do find it all a bit fiddly. You have to mix the powder with a bit of water in your palm and then it turns into a paste for you to apply to your face. Maybe it’s just because I have child size hands but I find it a bit of a faff to try and mix in my palm. However when I do get it all mixed up and ready to use it’s great. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean without feeling dehydrated. I was thinking about how it was a shame it wasn’t easier to use when I realised what it would be perfect for… flights! I virtually always just travel with hand luggage these days because it’s not worth the extra expense of checking in a case but the one thing that drives me crazy is that I have to spend the night before a flight pumping cleansers into little travel pots and them trying to write on them in sharpie so I don’t get my nail varnish remover and toner mixed up. So powder cleanser suddenly sounds like the best invention known to man (I’m a tad dramatic).

Facil Toner Rasberry Mint

I’m terrible with toner, I rarely remember to do it and even when I do I’m never sure it’s actually making much difference. However over the years whenever I have spoken to skin care experts about concerns with spots they always say toner is key. Toners close your pores up with prevents any dirt getting in and causing breakouts so I guess they probably are worth the time. Thesis Facial Toner is great though as it’s a spray so I don’t have to faff around with cotton pads to wipe it on like most toners I’ve used in the past and I think that is what has meant I have actually remembered to apply it as part of my skincare routine. Personally I’m not crazy about the smell of this product, it’s very minty and reminds me of herbal medicines, however I am a bit touchy when it comes to mint smelling things (I don’t even like the smell of peppermint tea) so I might just put that one down to my fussiness but thought it was worth mentioning in case you were the same.

If you try any product from Thesis drop me a message and let me know how you get on with them or you can pop a comment down below. Thanks for reading. If you want to get your hands on any of the products I have mentioned or any others from Thesis you can get 10% off your first order on using the discount code alex10. The products are also available on Amozon.

This post was created in collaboration with Thesis Beauty, all views my own. Visit my disclaimers to find out more.


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