Holiday Ready

Holiday Ready

I planned to do this post as I got ready to jet off on my summer holiday to Lisbon next week but now it’s come to it it feels like I’m a bit late to the party as England has felt like a holiday destination for weeks now. I’m currently sat in a fluffy white dressing gown trying not to mess up my pile of clothes to pack… but I’m melting! Anyway, let’s just pretend I haven’t been living in shorts for the last month and talk about how I get myself holiday ready.


Exfoliating is the first thing I do when it comes to skin maintenance. I grab a product of choice, currently, it’s the This Works 100% Natural Leg Scrub and slather it over my whole body before getting into the shower, once it’s wet I massage it in more to really ensure I’m removing any dead skin cells and then rinse it off under warm water. As well as leaving my skin silky smooth I really up the amount I exfoliate prior to going on holiday as by removing the old skin cells you’re ensuring any nice holiday tan you get, will last even longer due to being on a fresh layer of skin.

Hair Removal

I have been through phases of shaving and phases of waxing. Also phases of doing neither (when winter strikes who can be bothered, really). I like both for different reasons and both have their drawbacks so instead of dishing out £35 to get my legs waxed before my holiday or shaving knowing I’d have to do it again in a few days I decided to try something different. Epilating is something I have tried in the past but I’m pretty sure it was at the stage where I didn’t have any hair to remove and so I never really kept up with it, I was just copying some magazine article I’d read. An epilator is an electrical device that removes your hair from the roots. It’s pretty much the same as waxing but instead of ripping off a chunk at a time you’re rolling over your hairs pulling them out one by one. I realise this makes it sound like some kind of torture device but I personally think for your legs it’s less painful than waxing as you don’t have that rush of panic and terror before each strip is pulled off, it simply removes all the hair at a rate that you control. I have been using an epilator I have had for years, but I think now I’m getting more into it I’m going to upgrade to the Panasonic wet and dry epilator(6 in 1) which comes with multiple heads so it’s perfect for any area of the body you fancy being hair free.

Lotions and Potions

There is nothing worse than trying to put on a pair of tight jeans on freshly moisturised legs so in the autumn and winter I rarely bother however in summer and especially when I’m away I am lotion queen. Firstly, if you’re spending any time in the sun the chances are your skin is going to have lost moisture anyway and if like me you love to try and make your summer glow last until Christmas using moisturiser is the way to do it. I tend to use Soap and Glory body butter but really any cruelty-free moisturiser I can get my hands on will do the trick. No one wants dry flaky legs especially when you’re sat in a bar on the bar in Lisbon.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my plans for Sunday night before I hop on the plane on Monday morning with my super silky holiday ready bod. Thank you for reading.
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