One Friday afternoon myself and Nicole were sat in our usual places at the kitchen table, laptops beneath our fingers and coffee cups to the side and as usual, we were having a good old natter. There had been a few things that triggered the topic on our tongues but 10 minutes after sitting down to start work we were in full flow of what we like to call our ‘motivational meetings’. These tend to be conversations that start with general chit chat and before you know it it’s like we are putting the world to rights giving speeches for a presidential campaign, and although I can’t speak for Nicole, I always feel ready to take on the world after we have finished.

Now if you know me you’ll know I have a very strong ‘get shit done’ attitude. Obviously like everyone, I have odd days of wanting to stay in bed and binge one the TNT boys but I’d say the large majority of the time I love nothing more than setting myself a long list of things to do and ploughing on through them. People always ask how I stay so motivated but, to be honest, I’m not sure why I’m like this, but I am.

So taking into account that people are often asking me where I find my motivation and the fact I have a lot of experience of talking about work ethic with my bestie I thought I would extend our dining table talk to you. My aim is to post a motivational post every Monday that you can read on your way to work with the aim of getting you hyped up and ready for the week ahead and maybe we can all start to own our inner boss a bit more.


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