Press Samples

Most of the products featured I have bought with my own pennies however I am sometimes sent PR samples or gifts from brands. When sent products I am under no obligation to mention them at all, however, if I think they would be beneficial for you, my readers, to hear about a may feature them in a post.


I want to be completely transparent with my audience and I am proud of the brands I select to enter into paid collaborations with. I will always mark any paid collaborations with either an ‘ad’ if its on Instagram or by stating that it a collaboration at the end of the blog post. I only ever accept paid content from brands I love and that I feel fit my audience, and I will never be paid to speak about a brand or product I don’t use myself and adore.


Some links on may contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on an affiliate link, go through to the retailer and purchase an item, I may receive a small percentage of your purchase. This in no way alters my opinion on the product or item of clothing I am discussing it, just means you guys have a straight link to the product and I earn a little commission. The links or products don’t cost the buyer any more than they normally would. The commission is taken from the retailer, and therefore doesn’t affect the purchase for you but mean I earn a little bit of money for supplying the link.


I strive to create a fully reliable and trustworthy platform for my readers, therefore all the opinions featured are my own and I will not be paid to say positive things about a product I don’t agree with or use myself. I too am a blog reader, and so I understand the importance of being able to trust the source you are reading and taking advice from.


All photos are taken and edited by myself apart from the occasional outfit shot, where I couldn’t both be in and take the picture (unfortunately). If you wish to use any of the imagery featured on this blog for professional purposes or otherwise, please contact me at first then credit and link back to my blog.

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