Kuta Beach

IMG_1036IMG_1106As I mentioned in my last post I went down to Kuta at the weekend for a bit of a change to the traditional Balanise town of Lovina where I am currently based. Except for the fact the places are both hot and beautiful they couldn’t be more different. I came travelling for 3 months to really soak up all the different cultures in the places I was visiting and get a real feel for the different ways of life in Asia, and Lovina is perfect for that, it’s remote, quite, picturesque with a relaxed pace of life. Whereas Kuta is more of a tourist destination, it’s full of Aussies, bars, clubs and shops (including a Top Shop).

We stayed in a basic hostel that cost around £6 a night and, although it resembled a prison, it suited our needs for the few hours we spent there. We went on a night out to a couple of bars and then to a place called Sky Garden that was 5 floors full of Ausises and chart music. It was the perfect night out (expect for the fact we couldn’t find our hostel again at 4am). We spent the following day on Kuta Beach and had a western lunch at a restaurant/bar just behind it which meant we could then use their pool and sun loungers for the rest of the day.

IMG_0915IMG_0976IMG_0953Coincidentally, when we were there a turtle conservation organisation were realising 50 baby turtles into the sea and needed volunteers so, of course, we jumped at the opportunity. We released our own 24 hours old baby turtle into the sea and watched it swim away, which was incredible. All in all Kuta is great for nightlife and beach days and so if that’s what you’re after it is definitely worth a visit.


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