Skincare Secrets 

The title of this blog post isn’t a true reflection of what it’s about because these aren’t secrets. Quite the opposite, they’re all things that get drilled into you by beauty bloggers or skincare professionals but for some reason its taken me till my 20s to actually put them into action. There are loads of tips and tricks about how to get perfectly, clear glowy skin and the truth is there is no set way. My skin is currently the best it’s been in years, I think it’s hard to pin point the main cause of the improvements but I think these five things are definitely contributing.

1. I’ve stopped using make up wipes all together. I never planned to have makeup wipes as part of my daily routine but more often than not I would find myself reaching for one after a long day because I was too tired to do anything else. I have used bioderma on occasion when I had the energy, but now it’s a staple.

2. My main skin concern is 100% spots, my skin has never been awful. I’m perfectly aware people have it a lot worse than me, but it doesn’t mean it wasn’t an insecurity for me. I had tried all sorts of products and with some I did notice an improvement. However none of the results were permanent and after a few days a new spot would appear. I decided to pop to the doctor to ask if there was anything I should be doing that I wasn’t. She prescribed me Ducan gel and it’s changed my skin so much! When I can feel a spot coming I put the gel on after my usual evening routine, and within a couple of days it’s all cleared up.

DSCN62233. I have tried a range of different face masks over the years. Some have broken me out, some haven’t made a smidgen of difference and some have given my skin exactly what it needs to look healthier and clearer. I don’t think there is anyway of knowing which mask will work wonders on you because everyone’s skin is so unique. It would be impossible to one mask to work for everyone so if you are still on the hunt for the perfect one have faith you’ll find it. By far my favourite mask was the Elemis Herbal Lavender Repair Mask which is described as calming. I’m not sure if it was a placebo but it does work making my skin less angry which seems to build after every use.

4. Healthier eating and more water. I know I know you’ve heard it a million times, but that’s because it works. I have been eating a lot more veg recently, cut up pepper and cucumber and rocket are my favourites and I snack on them all the time. Obviously they’re a healthy alternative to crisps or chocolate but making this switch has also shown through my skin.DSCN62355. The last thing comes when you’re about to jump into bed, tie up those locks. I had never heard of this until a few years ago. I found it far too uncomfortable to sleep with a pony tail in and because I wash my hair in the evening I didn’t want to tie my hair up and then wake up with it still damp (my hair takes forever to dry). But I gave it a go when my skin was at its worst and now I do it every night, for me I find a low pony is the least annoying as it doesn’t dig into my head if I turn over. I saw massive improvements when I started doing this and it’s something I’m 100% going to be carrying on.

Now although my skin has been looking a lot better these last months there are still things I think I could do to improve it more, and the next thing I’m going to try to add in is sleep. Not just more sleep because I’m perfectly cable of sleeping past lunch time at the weekend, but better sleep. I get addicted to doing jobs around the flat, writing blog post or watching Luther and never seem to get to be before around 2am. The reason I wanted to add this into the post though was that if on the rare occasion I do get to sleep before 11, not only am I more awake and lively in the day but my skin also benefits. So I’m including this in my top tips for healthy, happy skin to give myself a kick up that ass and hopefully I’ll start switching off a little earlier.

I hope these tips have helped and if you have any of your own please share them in the comments below as I’d love read them.



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