Stir It Slim

Trying to shed a few pounds for summer? Craving something sweet? Always in a rush?

Forza Stir It Slim drinks are a great meal alternative to both battle the chocolate cravings and keep it low calorie. In a range of different flavours these new low calorie shakes contain 22 different vitamins and minerals and are designed to support a healthy and effective weight loss. The hot option comes in latte, ¬†caramel latte and chocolate flavours or you can get a cold shake that comes in a range of delicious flavours including chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. The best thing of all is that each drink only contains 204 calories! I wouldn’t suggest this as an everyday alternative for meals, but when you’re in a rush they’re a great way to get some energy on the go. I have been replacing breakfast with a mug, as this tends to be my most rushed meal due to the fact I like to snooze my alarm as many times as possible. If like me you wake up craving something sweet they’re perfect for satisfying this craving without eating a whole box of coco pops. They ensure you have enough energy to see you through to lunch and it means you’re on track for a healthy low calorie day. I am eager to try out some of their other flavours although I’m pretty sure I’ll be sticking to the delicious chocolate. offer a wide range of products tailored to meet every need. Whether your looking for weight loss, detoxing, hair growth or simply protein shakes they are the experts when it comes to all the supplements. No matter how good our diet there can often be things we just don’t get enough of or struggle to maintain so with these carefully formulated supplements you are getting all the goodness into your body that it need to thrive.



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