The NYX Hype

If you walk into Boots at the moment and you’re wondering what all the eager people with baskets on arms are swarming around, it’s most likely a NYX stand. I have a feeling more NYX stands have opened in Boots all around the country as I’ve spotted there is a new one in both Sheffield and Birmingham where I live. I’ve never felt brave enough to go towards the swarm and start fighting people for lipsticks but one day when I was in town I noticed the crowd wasn’t as big so took my opportunity to have a look at what all the fuss was about. I hadn’t heard of many of NYXs products but was aware they were both an affordable and cruelty free brand so I was intrigued to see if anything took my fancy.DSCN2497I love my trusty NARS Sheer Glow foundation and am currently on my third or fourth bottle of the stuff however it’s not the cheapest product and so I’m not too keen on using it day in and day out. If I’m just looking to look a little more alive at drama school rather than going out although it’s not really heavy it’s a little heavier than I’d like for an every day make up look. So I thought I’d have a look for an alternative, something that was both lighter coverage and less of a blow to my purse. I looked at the different bases NYX had to offer and decided upon the HD studio photogenic foundation, I got colour tested at the stall by one of their make up artist and decided to go for it as it was only £12 which is less than half the price of Nars Sheer Glow. I was a little worried it would be too dark as the woman seemed a bit rushed when trying out the shades but I took her word for it that it was the right colour and the right formulation for my skin. I am now on my second bottle of the stuff! I love it! It is a very light coverage and to be honest I would say it was more of a tinted moisturiser than a foundation, but paired with my trusty Urban Decay concealer I have the perfect everyday base. I hate the feeling of having a thick foundation on my skin all day but like to have something to cover up my blemishes from too much drinking and my dark circles from too many late nights… or more often than not a combination of both offences. It lasts well on the skin especially when paired with my new primer which is the second thing from NYX that I wanted to mention (oooooh smooth transition there Alex).

DSCN2494I wouldn’t say I have particularly dry skin but in the colder months it’s inevitable that your skins going to get the odd dry patch or feel a little tighter than normal, I know mine certainly does, so I’ll take any extra layers of moisture I can! I’m not a religious primer wearer (mainly because I always forget to apply it) but for days where you really want your make up to last all day it’s a great helping hand. I picked up the NYX first base primer spray for only £7 and I think it’s great. It’s a really nice consistency that adds an extra layer of hydration to the skin and doesn’t feel tacky or sticky like a lot of primers do.

DSCN2496The last thing I picked up was something I’ve been eyeing up for a while, their Soft Matt Lip Creams. I’ve heard these spoken about a lot on other blogs and seen people posting them on their Instagram so was keen to get my hands on one and for only £6 there wasn’t much to loose. I got the colour Rome which is a lovely dark mauvey pink which is great for this awkward time of year where you’re over Christmas reds but not fully ready for summer oranges and brighter shades. It stays on quite well, I had to reapply a few times but to say I was drinking when I was wearing it, it wore pretty well considering. I really want to try out more colours from the range, I’ve got my eye on Budapest and Cannes as my next purchases.

If these products are anything to go on I think NYX is going to be a brand I really get on with and I’m keen to try more stuff from their range. If anyone has any recommendations I would love to hear them in the comments below.


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