Valentines Day Gift Guide

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Those dreaded two words that follow Christmas… Valentines Day! I have to start by saying though I’m a sucker for Valentines Day, big time! I know it’s just a made up holiday for card companies to make money, and I know we should show our love everyday and not just on 14th February, but I can’t help it, I love it. Any excuse to buy people presents or go out for dinner and I’m all ears. I know however not everyone feels as strongly about the occasion as me, so I thought I would put together this quick list of present/ date night ideas for both people in relationships and those single pringles.

Out Of Ideas

I have been told in my time I’m hard to buy for, and I can kind of understand this. I’m pretty much Rachel Green off friends when it comes to returning stuff, I hate the idea of someones money going to waste on something I’m never going to use or wear. Here is my solution… gift cards! For the last few years if anyone asks me what I want for Christmas or my birthday, I simply say I’d love a gift card from one of my favourite shops. This way everyone’s a winner, they get to give you more than cash but there is no awkward moment when the jumper they bought you doesn’t fit. This valentines day instead of pulling your hair out trying to think what size jeans your partner wears, why not buy them a gift card and take them shopping. A gift and a date in one, sorted. Jack Wills offer gift cards and this is a pretty safe bet when it comes to presents as they have a huge range of clothes, lingerie, shoes and bags as well as a full range of cruelty free beauty products. So your loved one is guaranteed to find something they love. Check out Jack Wills’s gift sets for women here.

On A Budget

Let’s face it we’re all broke after Christmas and Valentines Day seems to creep up so quickly every year. Instead of stressing or trying to take extra shifts at work to be able to cover a fancy meal out why don’t you try adding a personal touch. Get a shoe box and wrap it in some nice wrapping paper. Then it’s time to get creative, I like to pick a theme. Here are a few suggestions: Movie Night, Spa Day, Baking Kit, Coffee Lover, Arts and Craft. Pick whichever one is most suited to your partner and put together the perfect box of stuff to cover the theme. For Harry, I will definitely be choosing Coffee Lover, so I’m buying him a new mug, some different coffees he hasn’t tried before, some chocolate covered coffee beans (which I will no doubt devour myself) and some of his favourite biscuits. This is such a cheap and fun way to show your partner you care without breaking the bank.

Single Pringle

Last but by no means least, what should you do if you haven’t got a date at all. Here is where the fun starts, get on the phone to all your closest friends who also have no plans for Valentines Day and organise a pamper night. I’m talking old school American chick flick style face masks, painting nails and drinking cocktails. All pick something you’re going to bring, whether that’s freshly baked cookies, cocktail mix, a pile of your favour films or some board games. You’ll then be fully kitted out for a night of getting drunk, having a good old catch up. Now I’ve written this I think I might have to ditch Harry on V-day and get together with the girls, I haven’t watched Mean Girls in years.

I hope this post has given you a few ideas for what you could get your loved one for Valentines day this year no matter what your situation. I would love to know what other ideas you guys have and how you’re planning to spend the 14th February so leave me a comment down below. Thanks for reading.

This post is in collaboration with Jack Wills, but all opinions are my own. Visit my disclaimers to find out more.


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