5 Easy Ways To Save The Planet

5 Easy Ways To Save The Planet

We’ve all heard the mandatory ‘recycle, turn off the lights, walk don’t drive and get a bag for life’, but what if you’re already doing those things and want to feel you can do more? It’s no secret that us humans are doing massive amounts of harm to our planet. It’s heartbreaking to think of the damage we are doing, but all hope is not lost and there are things we can do to help save this beautiful place we all live in. A couple of different things prompted me to talk about this topic today. The first being the lovely Venetia Falconer, I’m a massive fan of Venetia’s blog and YouTube channel and I really admire her ethos behind doing everything we can to live a little greener. I also took inspiration from the lovely girls from the podcast The De-Brief, if you haven’t given it a listen, I’d strongly advise that you do. Not only do they really know their stuff but they’re so charming and funny on every episode. Anyway enough gushing about my girl crushes and more talking about what small, easy changes we can make to our everyday lives in order to save our planet.


As I’ve mentioned many a time on my blog and social media I only ever try to use cruelty-free products. When it comes to makeup and skincare I’d like to think I’m pretty clued up, however only in the past 6 months or so did I realise that it wasn’t only my cleanser that could’ve been tested on animals but also all my household products, like anti-bac spray, hand soap, bleach. Of course, when I had this realisation, I did my research and made the switch to all cruelty-free household goods too. There was one product, however, I found hard to replace, and that was laundry detergent. So I have to hold my hands up and admit I kept using the Persil tablets I’ve always reached for in Tesco. However, when listening to The De-Brief they revealed that the chemicals in laundry detergent ’cause irreversible and extreme harm to marine life’. I was so shocked and horrified that something people are using on a daily basis is causing so much irreversible damage to our oceans (if you don’t believe me read the back of your Persil non-bio detergent, it literally says that word for word. So I immediately went on google and found myself a replacement and just as a little tip as I was doing so, I discovered that Tesco online now have an ‘Eco-Friendly house products section’ so I will forever be shopping from there.


I drink A LOT of tea. If you ever see me, the chances are I have a cup of tea in my hand and very shamefully a lot of the time these were Costa or Starbucks paper cups with a plastic lid. For some reason I seem to have managed very successfully to turn a blind eye to all the stuff I do day in and day out that is contributing to either global warming or the ever-growing landfill sites without a care in the world (or should I say care ‘for’ the world… bad joke… sorry). I kept thinking I should buy a reusable coffee cup but I didn’t want to have to carry it around with me in case I wanted tea and I was also convicted I couldn’t get one because I would hate the taste of tea through a rubber lid, both trivial problems I’ll fully admit and so I decided to get over my petty issues and order one. I got one with a plastic lid so I can’t be protections about not liking the taste of rubber and although it’s still made of plastic which isn’t great I’m not planning to through it out anytime soon to end up washed up on some shore after a fish has engulfed it.


This one is hard for me, I have a few (understatement of the year) issues when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness and so I’m the first person to ask for a straw if I’m ever eating out at a cafe or restaurant. That was until I found out what my germ0phobia was doing to the poor little penguins. Plastic straws in our oceans are one of the lead causes of penguins dying. The waste plastic that gets dumped in our seas gets swallowed by sea life and causes them to choke and die. Since I found this out a few weeks ago I haven’t asked or used a straw at all and I even make a point that I don’t need a straw when I order my drink in a restaurant. If like me though you don’t like the idea of drinking out of a glass without a straw order yourself some nice colourful metal readable ones and leave them in your bag just in case you’re in a situation where you’re drinking from a cup that you might not see as clean. That way you’re happy and so are the penguins.


I’m hesitant to write about this but you know what 50% of the world have periods so if we can reduce the number of tampons and pads what we are all using it’s going to make a massive difference. Over Christmas I and a group of friends were discussing moon cups, none of us had ever tried one and to be perfectly honest the idea of reusing a bit of silicone over and over again didn’t sound particularly pleasant. That was until I started my whole, it’s time to stop playing dumb and save the world Alex (and yes that is how I talk to myself). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, a moon or diva cup is a silicon, cup-shaped contraption that you use instead of a tampon or used as a method of collecting your period. I have to be perfectly honest with you, the main thing that convinced me to buy a moon cup was the money I would save if it worked and I no longer had to buy tampons and pads, but when I looked into it more and realised how much better for the environment it would be, I pressed check out on a pack of two so I could force on upon my best friend so I wasn’t alone in trying it out. I think I’m going to give my moon cup experience a whole post of its own so I will spare you the details on this post where a detailed description of my method of dealing with my period probably isn’t what you signed up for and I’ll leave it by saying that I do think they’re 100% worth a go whether you’re wanting to save money or save the world.


You all knew it was coming but I couldn’t write a blog post about saving the planet without talking about going vegan. I’m not expecting everyone that reads this to suddenly go vegan, but I am asking that you know all the facts. The internet is full of people like me trying to spread the word about something we are deeply passionate about. Although I know it can come across as ‘preaching’ we are doing it for good cause. Things have to change if we want to still have a planet for our great-grandchildren and although you love stake, if you seriously ask yourself, is the taste of stake worth destroying this planet, can you honestly hand on your heart say yes? Did you know that raising livestock causes 65 percent of all nitrous-oxide emissions? Nitrous oxide has 296 times the global-warming potential of carbon dioxide or that one steak takes 7,500 litres of water to produce. Animal agriculture is responsible for up to 91 percent of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.A person who follows a vegan lifestyle produces the equivalent of 50 percent less carbon dioxide than a meat-eater and uses an 11th of the oil, 1/13th of the water and 1/18th of the land. I know it seems daunting but why not try tomorrow having a meat-free day? There will always be some excuse but the chances are you’ve clicked on the post because you care, so now put that compassion into practice.

I’m not going to try to claim I have it all sussed when it comes to living greener, I still take flights and get in cars and use electricity to light my house. But I’m trying to make more of a conscious effort to make some small, manageable changes that aren’t going to affect my life in any way but that could seriously help prevent further irreversible damage to this beautiful world. I hope you found at least some of these tips helpful, why not give one a go this week and see if it’s as hard a change as you thought. Let me know in the comments or over on my social media if you try any of the tips I’ve mentioned and if you want more posts like this in the future. Thank you for reading.




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