Cruelty Free Discoveries

Cruelty Free Discoveries

I love discovering new cruelty-free brands. I’m seeing more and more leaping bunny logos on the back of the cosmetics that line the shelves, which fills me with excitement. Whilst in the isles of boots last week I noticed how many new cruelty-free brands there were that I’d never heard of and I’m a beauty junky so I’m sure they’ve gone unseen by many more shoppers too. I will be posting an updated cruelty-free brands list soon, but I thought in the meantime I would do a few posts with a select few brands that have come to my attention. Every month or so I’ll be selecting 5 cruelty-free beauty brands that I have tried and tested and that I think are worth raving about. I’ll try and select a range of makeup and skincare brands and include lots that are new to shops or at least new discoveries to me.


Being an ambassador for the brand I’m sure it’s no surprise that Botanics was going to feature in this post. I’m lucky enough that I get to try out a huge range of their products and they are firm favourites in my everyday skincare routine. The product that has really stood out to me recently, however, is the organic cleansing balm. I was sent it before Christmas and was a bit unsure about using a balm cleanser having never done so before. However, it has been my life-saver through the colder months as not only do you feel like it’s ridding your skin of the day’s dirt and grime but it leaves your skin beautifully soft and smooth. I’m scraping the last little bits out of my pot but it’s on the top of my shopping list to repurchase.

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Lola Makeup

I’d never heard of Lola makeup before but I thought it was worth a mention. I’ve only tried a couple of things from the brand but it’s well priced and the products seem like good quality. The lipsticks come in a lovely range of colours and the packaging of the products is simple and chic (perhaps not the most important thing but it matters to me haha).

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Kiss The Moon

I love the motive behind this brand. Their products are all tailored to helping you have a good night sleep. I’ve been using their face oils before bed and have been loving them, they smell great and make me feel like I’m really going that extra mile to look after myself in the evenings. They’re especially good to dab on before my evening meditation as the calming scent really triggers my brain to unwind. I also have some of their bath oils but unfortunately, I don’t have a bath in my house in Birmingham but as soon as I’m somewhere that does I’ll give them a test run and report back.

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Aurelia Probiotic Skincare

I came across this brand on Instagram and thought their products looked right up my street. They contain natural probiotics to protect and restore the balance of your skin from within. My favourite product from their range has to be the cell repair night oil. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and nourished without leaving a greasy film like a lot of oils do. The products have a slightly higher price tag than some of the others mentioned in the post, but they’re perfect if you like to invest in good skin care or are after something really luxurious. I’m desperate to get my hands on more products from their range first on my list being their cell revitalising night cream or maybe their miracle cleanser I just can’t decide.

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This Works

This Works is a pretty well-known brand so I’m not making any claims that this is a new discovery, however, this face mask deserved a slot in this post. This Works have just released a new ‘evening detox’ range which instantly had my attention. Anything with the word detox in has me excited and this mask was no exception. I’ve used it quite a few times now and I love it! It’s not only a fun bright green that leaves you looking like the Grinch, but it also has a brush applicator which makes smothering it on so much easier and less messy than most masks. I find it’s great for drawing out impurities and leaving my skin feeling lovely and clean without it being in any way drying, it’s definitely one to try if you’re in the market for a new mask.

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I hope this post was helpful if you’re perhaps trying to go cruelty-free or already are but you’re on the hunt for new brands to try. and it’s maybe introduced you to a new brand you hadn’t tried before. Like I said I plan to do this sort of post every few weeks so if you have any suggests of cruelty-free brands you’d like me to try out for my next roundup please let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading.


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